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Beyond my wishes

I am a man
attempting feebly
to work words into
the figures of birds.
They have no life
beyond my wishes.

Daniel Thoms Moran

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I love you is not enough.

Some things defy the naming.

Let me rest my head

on your shoulder and

rest yours on mine.

Take my glance, it

contains much more.

I have no words

more true, more tender

that what is found

in that vast silence.

Daniel Thomas Moran

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I’ve noticed that today, the air is especially sweet.

The birds have me transfixed upon their graceful dances.

The sky is even bluer against the newborn greens.

Still, I think I’ll begin by fetching the cushion

for this old wicker porch chair and make

certain it still holds me well.

Then I’ll begin to make my plans

for tomorrow.

Daniel Thomas Moran

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Questions persist and persist,

and haunt even our dreaming.

We take them with us, into

the dark and the sleep.

Yet, they awake with us.

Even as we wander the world,

nomads in search of found places,

They know where we are going,

and they stay close behind.

Daniel Thomas Moran

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Through a Window, Sitting

Insights condense
in the skies I test.

Figures tumble

from mist.

Yet, it is not a

bottomless blue,

Which draws

my wonder.

Rather, the broad

palates of gray,

The vagaries of

the willful wind

Seduto, guardo oltre la finestra

Intuizioni si condensano
nei cieli che scandaglio
Figure rotolano
dalla foschia
Eppure, non è
l’infinito blu
Che trae
Il mio stupore.
Piuttosto, gli ampi
Palati del grigio,
I capricci del
vento ostinato. mlg

Daniel Thomas Moran

D.T.M. poeta del gruppo password: http://www.password.or.at

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